Shifting From Negative Emotions To Positive Performance

A portfolio managing director I lately met amongst was stressed out, frazzled from long–and frustrating–hours of next overseas markets.  He wasn’t concerned, however.  He merely explained to me that he was going to engage inwards a vigorous workout inwards the gym–a rapid sequence of stretching, running, together with lifting exercises.  By the fourth dimension he was finished, he explained, he was then pumped upwards that the endorphins overcame whatever sense of stress or distress.

The lite bulb went on inwards my head.  His telephone commutation to overcoming pressure level together with fatigue wasn’t to chill out.  Instead, he flora a way of accessing a positive, pumped-up solid set down that was to a greater extent than powerful than his solid set down of stress.  What enabled him to displace from negative emotions to positive surgery was emotional transformation:  a gear-shift of experience that overwhelms negativity amongst positivity.

The work nigh of us brand is that nosotros address negative states past times attempting to cut down our negative thoughts, feelings, together with actions.  That keeps us inwards our same form; it doesn’t transform.  When nosotros are sad, trying to cut down our sadness volition non convey happiness.  When nosotros are stressed together with drained, trying to dull downwardly volition non re-energize.  Counting to x when we’re angry tin live on helpful, but it won’t convey gratitude.

The telephone commutation to self-mastery is to better access to our nigh positive emotional states.  What gets a trader out of a frustrated funk afterwards taking losses?  Doubling downwardly on generating the side past times side gear upwards of ideas together with letting the excitement of regain launder over the sense of frustration.  Once nosotros acquire from negative experience, nosotros desire to position that learning into practice–but that requires a shift to a novel together with constructive mindframe.  As the recent article suggests, nosotros cannot access that mindframe from inside our existing form; nosotros involve to transform.

Here are 5 gateways to transformation that I accept flora useful:

*  Meditation, imagery, using music to attain a dissimilar sense of heed together with body;
*  Vigorous physical activity, exercise
*  Social activity, having fun, connecting amongst others inwards a meaningful way
*  Generating fresh experiences, going to novel places, pursuing novel ideas
*  Reaching out to others, engaging inwards activities that are larger than oneself

The mutual element is the creation of novel experience that accesses novel states of mind, body, together with emotion.  Turning negative emotion into positive surgery agency that nosotros croak real proficient at operating the gear-shift of consciousness, where nosotros hit upwards one’s heed the states we’re inwards together with don’t merely allow them to hit upwards one’s heed our course.

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