State Banking Concern Of India (Sbi)

In this post, nosotros shall utter over almost the India’s oldest, largest together with most successful commercial banking corporation State Bank of Republic of Republic of India (SBI). This postal service is real useful for those people who are preparing for Bank Exams (IBPS together with SBI).
  • Imperial Bank of Republic of Republic of India was created inwards January 1921, past times amalgamation of 3 presidency banks, those are
    1. Bank of Bengal
    2. Bank of Bombay
    3. Bank of Madras

  • After natilnalization inwards 1955, the majestic Bank of Republic of Republic of India was named every bit State Bank of Republic of Republic of India (SBI).
  • SBI has vii subsidiaries, They are
    1. State Bank of Hyderabad  
    2. State Bank of Mysore  
    3. State Bank of Indore 
    4. State Bank of Patiala
    5. State Bank of Saurastra
    6. State Bank of Travancore
    7. State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur
      • All These were formed inwards 1959
    • State Bank of Saurashtra together with State Bank of Indore were merged alongside SBI. State Bank of Indore merged on 26th August 2010 alongside SBI. SO the full no. of associate banks of SBI currently working inwards the province is 5.
  • SBI is the largest commercial banking corporation inwards India. SBI launched a novel system “Parivarthan” to attract to a greater extent than customers past times rendering amend services. 
  • Govt of India’s belongings inwards SBI is reduced From 55% to 51%.
  • SBI is to larn Rupali Bank of People’s Republic of Bangladesh together with Giro Comercial Bank of Kenya.
  • SBI launched a “Crore Pathi Only” branch inwards Hyderabad. The measure to opened upwards an trouble organisation human relationship is the minimum opening residue of every bit 1 Crore.
  • SBI together with Bharathi Airtel entered into MOU on 13th January 2011 to from articulation venture to brand available banking services to the uncovered population of the province alongside Rs. 100 Cr. investment. This articulation venture volition dice trouble organisation correspondent of SBI, In this , SBI has 51% state.
  • SBI has 137 unusual offices inwards 32 countries across the globe.
  • SBI has almost 27,000 ATMs every bit on March 2011.
  • SBI grouping including associate banks has almost 45,000 ATMs.
  • SBI has 21,500 branches including associate banks.
  • SBI has 99,345 offices inwards India.
  • SBI is the kickoff Bank to opened upwards its branch inwards China. Green Banking Channel is started past times SBI.
  • SBI is the kickoff banking corporation to function every bit Registrar for the “Unique Identification Authority of India”.
  • SBI is the 2d largest commercial Bank inwards the basis inwards release of Branches (First is ICBC of China).
  • Headquarters of SBI : Mumbai
  • Stock Exchanges of SBI : Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, New York, London.
  • Chairman : Rajnish Kumar
  • Revenue : US$ 32.44 billion
  • Profit : USA $ 2.34 billion
  • Total equity : USA $ 18.71 billion.
  • Total Employees : 222,933  (by 2011)

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