Strategies Of Planning Inward India

Friends, inward our previous post, nosotros convey discussed nigh the introduction of Planning inward India. Today nosotros shall acquire nigh the Strategies of Planning.

Strategies of Planning

  • Harrod-Domar Strategy

    • First Five twelvemonth Plan was based on this strategy.
    • This strategy emphasized the business office of majuscule accumulation’s dual character, which on the ane manus increases the national income (demand side role) as well as on the other manus increases the production capacity (supply side role).

  • Nehru Mahalanobis Strategy 

    • Second as well as Third Five twelvemonth Plans were based on this strategy.
    • Based on Russian experience, this strategy is a 2 sector model, i.e., consumer expert sector as well as majuscule expert sector.
    • This strategy emphasized investment inward heavy manufacture to laissez passer on industrialization for rapid economical development.

  • Gandhian Strategy 

    • It was enunciated past times Acharya S. N. Agrawal inward his ‘Gandhian Plan’ inward 1944. The basic objective of the Gandhian Model is to parent the fabric too equally cultural score of the masses as well as hence equally to provide basic measure of life.

  • LPG Strategy 

    • Liberalization, Privatization as well as Globalization (LPG) strategy of planning was introduced past times the Finance Minister of that time, doc Manmohan Singh nether Narsimha Rao Government.
    • The strategy ended the ‘licence permit-raj’ as well as opened the hitherto areas reserved for the populace sector to soul sector

  • PURA strategy

    • PURA stands for Providing Urban Amenities inward Rural Areas as well as was the brainchild of APJ Abdul Kalam.
    • This strategy emphasis on 4 connectivities physical, electronic, noesis as well as thereby leading to economical connectivity to parent the prosperity of cluster of villages inward rural areas.
That’s all for similar a shot friends. In our adjacent post service nosotros shall beak over nigh the Types of Plannings along amongst India’s Vision 2020 of Planning Commission. Happy reading.

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