The Importance Of Agreement Wtf We’re Doing Every 2Nd Traders

I noticed that Bruce Bower, via SMB, has posted on the theme of what a winning trading methodology looks like together with has released an e-book on the topic.  Bruce emphasizes that a methodology must move grounded inwards a replicable procedure together with that this procedure must agree good alongside the personality together with science sets of the trader.  A really of import observation from Jack Schwager inwards his Market Wizards serial is that successful coin managers accept quite unlike skills, personalities, together with workstyles.  These lawsuit inwards really unlike trading styles.  What creates success is non adherence to a item style, simply the might to exploit marketplace inefficiencies inwards a trend consistent alongside one’s ain abilities.

Replicability equally a procedure together with agree alongside a trader’s skills together with personality are necessary for a successful trading methodology, simply non sufficient.  The Proactive Personality of the Trader

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