The Ministry Building Of Interior: Allowing Entry Into The Kingdom For Those Coming From The Uae, Germany, America, Britain Too Other Countries

 Allowing Entry Into the Kingdom for those coming from the UAE The Ministry of Interior: Allowing Entry Into the Kingdom For Those Coming From The UAE, Germany, America, Great Britain And Other Countries

An official tilt the Ministry of Interior stated that it is a reference to the tilt issued on 6/20/1442 AH, corresponding to 2/2/2021 AD, regarding the temporary intermission of entry to the Kingdom, for those coming from xx countries, for non-citizens, diplomats, wellness practitioners in addition to their families, starting from 9:00 am ) From the eve of Midweek 6/21/1442 AH.
It was stated that to permit entry into the Kingdom for those coming from: (the United Arab Emirates, the Federal Republic of Germany, the the U.S.A. of America, Ireland, the Italian Republic, the Portuguese Republic, the United Kingdom, the Kingdom of Sweden, the Swiss Confederation, the Republic of France, in addition to Japan).

The source emphasized the implementation of institutional quarantine procedures against those coming from those countries who utilize to them, noting that this volition survive implemented equally of i o’clock inwards the morning time on Lord’s Day 10/18/1442 AH corresponding to 5/30/2021 AD.

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