Thoughts As Well As Ideas Going Into A Novel Week

*  Interest charge per unit of measurement volatility has non been friendly to the stock marketplace over the concluding few years.  Since 2012, when 20-day realized volatility inward TLT has been inward its highest quartile, the side past times side twenty days inward SPY bring averaged a ambit of +.35%.  That contrasts alongside an average 20-day ambit of +1.35% for the residue of the sample.  A weaker dollar, rising gilded prices, a steepening of the yield curve, disappointing economical information releases:  are nosotros seeing start concerns over stagflation?

*  We are all inward the trouble organisation of living; our success hinges on our self-management too leadership.

*  Ivanhoff Capital on demographics inward China too questions over its truthful increment rate;

*  The consensus for a Fed charge per unit of measurement hike has shifted from June to September.  Interesting that 70% of economists mean value the Fed volition await also long to heighten rates, non heighten them also soon.  Is the rising of rates on the long halt expressing that fear?

We’re nearing a critical menses for Greece too the possibility of default on its debt; roughly worthwhile tweets from @MrTopStep.   

Have a swell start to the week!

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