Three Steps Inwards Overcoming Trading Fears

Many situations tin move survive interpreted equally threats.  That leads to an anxiety response in addition to an activation of the body’s fight-or-flight stress response.  Once nosotros perceive something equally a threat, nosotros tin move either run from it or nosotros tin move facial expression upward it.  Facing a fright does non necessarily hateful fighting or fleeing.  Sometimes facing a fright agency refusing to human activity in addition to choosing to non require keep a province of affairs equally a genuine threat.  This is especially the example when the root of threat comes, non in addition to hence much from the acquaint situation, only from yesteryear associations triggered yesteryear the acquaint situation.  If I require keep taken a huge loss inwards a volatile market, the side yesteryear side fourth dimension volatility rears its head, I mightiness panic out of my position.  

Generally, in that location is no such affair equally an “overreaction” to a situation.  Whenever something seems similar an overreaction, it agency that nosotros are reacting to something inwards the yesteryear on move yesteryear of what’s happening inwards the present.  The extreme of this province of affairs is traumatic stress, inwards which painful experiences inwards the yesteryear intrude inwards our perceptions of security inwards the hither in addition to now.

As Mike Bellafiore’s recent post points out, fifty-fifty positive events tin move survive interpreted equally threats.  If we’ve been stung when we’ve held onto winning positions, solely to require keep them contrary in addition to mitt us losses, the side yesteryear side fourth dimension we’re upward on a position, nosotros mightiness reply to winning equally threat.  I’ve worked alongside many people who require keep been in addition to hence wound inwards relationships that they reply alongside an anxiety response whatever fourth dimension a individual tries to larn closed to them.  At such junctures, nosotros frequently human activity inwards ways to cut our anxiety–which may non survive ways that are ideal for treatment the province of affairs at hand.

So how exercise nosotros avoid the extremes of flying in addition to cope in addition to instead facial expression upward our fears alongside a grade of realism?  Here are 3 of import strategies:

1)  Slow Down – That cope or flying response speeds us up.  Under the influence of an adrenaline rush, our thoughts race, our bodies tense, in addition to blood flows shift to the motor areas of our brains.  When nosotros sit down still, breathe deeply in addition to slowly, in addition to focus our attention, nosotros irksome downward the body’s cope or cope responses.  Cooling downward when events oestrus upward is a nifty way to remain mindful in addition to planned.  The best way to cool panicky feelings is to proceed the trunk inwards a chilled the world incompatible alongside those feelings.

2) Treat Emotions As Information – Your emotions are either telling you lot well-nigh a genuine threat inwards the globe or a perceived one.  The fundamental is sorting those ii out.  If you lot tin move remain mindful in addition to purpose the emotion to trigger an analysis of the situation, you lot tin move either appropriately human activity on the threat or remind yourself that your reaction is to a greater extent than to the yesteryear than the present.  When you lot care for emotions equally information, you lot become into data processing mode, non blind activity mode.

3)  Rehearse To Perfection – Too frequently nosotros pace onto life’s phase without proper rehearsal.  Any province of affairs that generates a threat response tin move survive mentally rehearsed through brilliant visualization.  If nosotros tin move proceed ourselves chilled when nosotros imagine stressful situations in addition to visualize ourselves acting constructively, nosotros exercise novel mind-body connections that eventually acquit over to existent life.  If you lot conquer a fright xx times inwards brilliant mental rehearsals, it’s much harder to overreact to the 21st province of affairs that occurs inwards existent life.

The recent Forbes article is an of import one, non solely because of the social issues it addresses inwards the trading world, only also because of its implications for the psychology of trading.  Research suggests that manly individual traders are especially prone to overconfidence bias.  Under greater illusions of control, they are to a greater extent than probable to overtrade.  This, inwards turn, creates to a greater extent than frequent losses–and to a greater extent than chance for subsequent emotional overreactions to loss.  It is non odd to come across traders swing betwixt bold overconfidence in addition to fearful underconfidence: the showtime sets upward the second, especially when boldness leads to oversized losses.

The best antidote to fright is realism.  If nosotros tin move plough fright into a stimulus for self-awareness in addition to marketplace seat awareness, nosotros are most probable to facial expression upward fears constructively.  Realistic trading expectations, including emotional training for inevitable periods of drawdown, are powerful tools inwards proactively addressing trading anxiety.

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