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The Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley today presented the Union Budget 2018 today. This is his 5th Budget and the last total Union Budget of the Narendra Modi-led cardinal authorities inward its introduce term. Ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, this budget is real crucial for the government. This is the 1st budget later GST (Goods too Services Tax) too the 2d 1 later Demonetization. You tin flame download  the Union Budget 2018 inward PDF Format from below link. All the Best 🙂

Download PDF Version of Union Budget 2018 Highlights from HERE

Key Focus Areas of Union Budget 2018 :

  • Agriculture and Health Sectors dominated the Budget speech. Employment and Education are also the principal focussed areas.

Winners of Union Budget 2018 :

  • Farmers : MSP raised, Heavy investment inward Agricultural Markets.
  • Health Care Providers : National Health Protection Scheme.
  • Transport Companies : Record infrastructure spending on roads too railways.
  • Consumer Companies : Boosted spending on India’s vast hinterland.
  • Airports : Regional Airport construction.
  • Jewelers : Boosting rural too farm incomes.

Losers of Union Budget 2018 :

  • Mobile Phones : Custom duty hike.
  • Salaried Class :10% LTCG taxation on gains to a higher house 1 Lakh too No alter inward income taxation rates.
  • Bond Investors : Republic of Republic of India missed its financial deficit target of 3.2 percent, maxim its targeting a 3.5 pct target for financial 2019.
  • Defence Sector : There was no indication of a huge boost to defence spending.
  • Consumers : Increased existing wellness too pedagogy levy to 4 pct from 3 percent. 

Important Highlights of Union Budget 2018

  • 5 lakh WiFi hotspots volition live set inward rural areas to provide piece of cake mesh access.
  • Air pollution inward Delhi-NCR has been a crusade of concern, govt has proposed subsidised mechanism for in-situ administration of crop remainder inward Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh too NCT Delhi.
  • Airport capacity to live hiked to handgrip 1 billion trips every year.
  • All railways stations amongst footfall to a greater extent than than 25,000 to need keep escalators, says the Finance Minister.
  • Arun Jaitey recalls the measures — similar GST, FDI, demonetisation, etc. — taken yesteryear the NDA authorities inward the yesteryear 4 years that need keep impacted the economic scheme of the country.
  • Arun Jaitley announces upper-case missive of the alphabet expenditure of Rs 1,48,528 crore for Indian Railways inward 2018-19.
  • Arun Jaitley on Minimum Support Price of agricultural products: Only increasing the MSP is non enough, the authorities volition create the MSP of agricultural products at 1.5 times the marketplace rate.
  • Arun Jaitley proposed to taxation long term upper-case missive of the alphabet gains exceeding Rs 1 lakh at 10 per cent without indexation.
  • Arun Jaitley proposes a amount of Rs 500 crore for ‘Operation Green’ on the lines of ‘Operation Flood’.
  • Arun Jaitley says that 4,000 km of novel railway runway volition live set downwardly yesteryear 2019.
  • Arun Jaitley says that the authorities does non advise whatever changes inward taxation slabs for the salaried story this year.
  • Budget allocates coin for social safety too protection programme for all widows too orphaned children.
  • Jaitley proposes revising emoluments every bit per the next structure:
    • Rs 5 lakh for the President of India
    • Rs 4 lakh for the Vice President
    • Rs 3.5 lakh for the Governors
  • Companies amongst turnover of upward to Rs 250 crore to live taxed at 25 per cent: FM
  • Disinvestment target for 2017-18 has been exceeded too volition accomplish Rs 1 lakh crore. Target for 2018-19 is Rs 80,000 crore.
  • Eklavya schools to live started for Scheduled Tribe populations: Finance Minister
  • Electronic information technology assessment volition live rolled out across the country, leading to greater efficiency too transparency: FM
  • FM Jaitley proposes to innovate taxation on distributed income yesteryear equity oriented mutual funds at 10 per cent.
  • FM proposes a financial deficit of 3.3% of gross domestic product for 2018-19.
  • Food processing sector is going at an average of 8 per cent per annum.
  • For senior citizens, exemption of involvement income on banking concern deposits raised to Rs 50,000: FM Jaitley
  • Government aims to convey threescore crore banking concern accounts nether the January Dhan Yojana.
  • Government to contribute 12 per cent of EPF contribution for novel employees inward all sectors: FM
  • Government volition need keep all steps to eliminate role of cryptocurrencies which are funding illegitimate transactions.
  • Govt announces Amrut computer program to focus on H2O provide to all households inward 500 cities. Water provide contracts for 494 projects worth Rs 19,428 meat volition live awarded: FM
  • Govt makes PAN mandatory for whatever entity entering into a financial transaction of Rs 2.5 lakh or more.
  • Govt of Republic of Republic of India volition need keep necessary measures to seat inward house measures for the province authorities to buy surplus solar ability produced yesteryear local farmers at sutiable prices.
  • Govt volition launch wellness scheme to embrace 10 crore pitiful families, Arun Jaitley says.
  • Govt volition set 2 novel Schools of Planning too Architecture, says Finance Minister Jaitley.
  • Govt’s wellness scheme to embrace 10 crore pitiful families is world’s largest government-funded wellness protection scheme.
  • Health too pedagogy cess has been increased to 4 per cent.
  • Indian economic scheme has performed real good since our authorities took over inward May 2014, says Arun Jaitley.
  • Infrastructure is the growth driver of economy: Jaitley
  • Jaitley also proposes automatic revision of emoluments of Parliamentarians every v years, indexed to inflation.
  • Jaitley proposed integrated BEd programme for teachers: “training of teachers during service is essential.” Technology volition live the biggest driver inward improving the character of education.
  • Mobile phones set to leave of absence costlier every bit custom duty on them has been increased to xx per cent.
  • MSME enterprises are a major chemical constituent for growth, says Jaitley. He also added that majority formalisation of MSME sector is happening later demonetisation too GST.
  • Mumbai carry receives Rs 40,000 crore.
  • National Heritage City Development Augmentation Scheme has been undertaken to save too protect heritage cities inward the country, announces the Finance Minister.
  • NITI Aayog volition flora a national programme to straight our efforts inward the expanse of Artificial Intelligence towards national development: FM
  • Our emphasis is on generating higher benefits too productive work for the farmers: Jaitley piece addressing the agricultural sector inward his Budget spoken language 2018.
  • Our authorities has worked sincerely, too without weighing the political costs, hoping that benefits are delivered to people at their doorsteps. The Direct Benefit Transfer organization of Republic of Republic of India is a success story that is reiterated across the world: Jaitley.
  • PAN to live used every bit Unique Entity Number for non- individuals from Apr 1.
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi praises his finance government minister Arun Jaitley for delivering a budget that is “farmer friendly, mutual citizen friendly, concern environment-friendly too evolution friendly.”
  • Rs 600 crore allocated to Tuberculosis patients undergoing treatment.
  • Specialised railway academy to live set at Vadodara.
  • Standard deduction of Rs 40,000 for salaried employees inward lieu of carry too medical expenses: FM Jaitley
  • Target of 3 lakh crore for lending nether PM Mudra Yojana: FM
  • The finance government minister also pointed out that Republic of Republic of India is 1 of the fastest-growing economies inward the world.
  • The Government is slow but steadily progressing towards universal wellness coverage: FM
  • The authorities volition undertake redevelopment of 600 major railway stations across the country.
  • This budget volition accelerate economical growth, it is focused on all sectors: PM Modi
  • This year’s Budget volition especially focus on agriculture, says Jaitley.
  • To tackle encephalon drain, Jaitley announces scheme to position brilliant students pursuing B Tech inward premiere engineering institutes, too providing them higher-education opportunities inward the IITs too IISc. These students volition have handsome fellowships, too volition live expected to dedicate a few hours to learn inward higher pedagogy institutions weekly.
  • Ujjwala scheme to amplify targets, volition right away provide 8 crore rural women gratuitous LPG connections.

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