United Nations Scheme (Uno)

Friends, inward this postal service nosotros shall beak over most the United Nations Organization (UNO). Here are to a greater extent than or less basic as well as of import details most the UNO.
  • It is an association of Independent States which bounded themselves yesteryear a Charter to keep International Peace as well as Security.
  • This is the world’s Largest International Organization, a successor to the League of Nations.

Foundation Day of UNO : 

                      The UNO formally came into beingness on October 24, 1945 when the governments of China, France, the United Kingdom, the sometime USSR, the the States as well as a bulk of other states ratified the United Nations Character.

United Nations Day :

October 24 is celebrated equally the United Nations Day throughout the World.

The United Nations Flag :

The United Nations General Assembly adopted the United Nations flag on October 20, 1947
  • The White United Nations emblem is superimposed on a low-cal bluish dorsum ground.
  • The emblem consists of the global map projected from the North Pole as well as embraced inward twin Olive branches (these are the Symbol of Peace)
  • The United Nations flag is non to live on subordinated to whatever other flag inward the world.

Membership :

When the United Nations Charter was signed, at that spot were alone fifty members. By 2012 the membership rose to 193. The next nations were admitted recently.
  • 189th Member – Tuvalu
  • 190th Member – Switzerland
  • 191st Member – East Timor
  • 192nd Member – Montenegro
  • 193rd Member – South Sudan

Organs of the UNO :

The Principal bodies of the UNO are
  1. The General Assembly
  2. The Security Council
  3. The Economic as well as Social Council
  4. International Court of Justice
  5. Trusteeship Council 
  6. Secretariat

General Assembly (GA)

  • Headquarters : New York
  • Membership : Consists of all member-states of UNO. Each fellow member tin laissez passer on the sack shipping 5 delegates but each state has alone i vote.
  • Functions : All other United Nations bodies written report to the General Assembly. It discusses as well as makes recommendation on whatever champaign of study covered nether the United Nations Charter except those alongside which the Security Council may live on dealing.
  • Meetings : The General Assembly meets every yr inward regular sessions beginning  on the third Tuesday inward September every year. 

Security Council (SC) :

  • Headquarters : New York 
  • Membership : The Security Council has fifteen members – Five permanent members enjoying veto ability (China, France, Russia, UK as well as US) and 10 non permanent members. The non-permanent members are elected yesteryear the General Assembly. They retire on rotation of every 2 years.
  • Functions : The safety Council is responsible for International Peace as well as Security. Any state irrespective of its membership of the UNO, tin laissez passer on the sack set forth its occupation earlier the Council. It tin laissez passer on the sack recommended peaceful solutions or, if necessary, may guild utilization of strength to restore peace.

The Economic And Social Council (ESC) :

  • Headquarters : New York
  • Membership : Consists of representatives of 54 member-countries elected yesteryear a two-thirds bulk of the General Assembly. One-third of the members are elected every yr to serve for a current of 3 years as well as one-third of the members retire annually.
  • Functions : The Economic as well as Social Council carries on the functions of the UNO alongside catch to international economic, social, cultural, educational, wellness as well as related matters. 
Thats all for forthwith friends. Tomorrow nosotros shall beak over most to a greater extent than or less to a greater extent than of import points most UNO similar its functions, Secretery – Generals etc. Happy Reading………….

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