Worker Or Employer Tin File A Labour Case Online

Worker Or Employer Can File A Labour Lawsuit Online Worker Or Employer Can File A Labour Lawsuit Online
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Justice indicated that the worker or employer tin file a project lawsuit online through the “Nagiz” online portal.

The Ministry of Justice of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia explained that the lawsuit tin hold out filed past times visiting the online Nagiz portal, as well as verifying the identity through the unified national access service, to log inward to the portal, as well as and then conduct the options from the principal listing of “judiciary”.

The Ministry of Justice said that the next steps are to apply a claim canvas past times selecting the “new application”, as well as then choosing the type of the project lawsuit from the classifications, adding the plaintiff’s as well as the defendant’s information, identifying the competent court, as well as filling out the representative forms.

The Ministry of Justice indicated that in that place is a necessity to attach the minutes as well as the decisions that must hold out added when filing a lawsuit according to its nature, whether it is a project lawsuit dependent area to the run organisation or a conform related to domestic workers or those inward their position.

In gild to file a grievance against the lack of credence of the objection to the decisions of the General Organization for Social Insurance, Al-Adl stated that a re-create of the determination must hold out attached when filing the case.

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